• Computer Lab
  • Libraries
  • Science Lab
  • Cafeteria
  • Hostel Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Scholarship
  • Multimedia:(E-class)
  • Recreation and Extracurricular Activities
  • Sports
  • Yoga/Meditation

Computer Lab
A well- spacious and adequately furnished computer lab is set up to render all sorts of on-line education services, supported by internet, E-mail and other computing facilities. The computer equipment is in plenty and the lab is at constant service for its students to explore their learning in computer course and skill. 
There is unlimited internet facility too.

Its library is well furnished, richly stocked with an adequate collection of necessary text books, reference books and a variety of course materials. It provides all resources, giving full opportunities and access to every individual student who can supplement her/his studies and broaden deeper understanding by staying inside during spare time and leisurely moments. Newspaper, journals, periodicals keep them well informed.

Science Lab
The science lab is equipped with various instruments that are suitable for mainly physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy and geology. Students enhance their knowledge through various experiments which are performed in different places here.

AVSHSBS has a beautiful and welcoming cafeteria situated on the ground floor within the premises. The cafeteria offers a wide selection of food at a subsidized and reasonable price. The food served is fresh, delicious and hygienic.

Hostel Facilities
The hostels available for both boys and girls are cozy and inviting with all physical facilities, ensuring a healthy, homely and positive environment for living and learning both. Located in the very vicinity of the college premises, they are under the direct care and supervision of the college authority. In reality, they are suggestive of student-housing. A student while residing here remains free from the stress of being far away from home. We conduct remedial classes in hostel for needy students.

AVSHSBS has its own bus services to ensure an easy and regular means of transportation for its students staying at any corner round the valley. This facility is very accessible as it picks up and drops them at their destination, giving them an opportunity to save both money and time.

AVSHSBS provides considerable scholarships to economically weak, meritorious and under privileged community. The scheme is offered on the basis of merit and need basically. As a result it helps them to meet their educational expenses as well as enjoy the benefit of merit. Special scholarships are also offered to talented students who hail from far off places and who excel outstanding result in academic activities of the college.

We conduct multimedia class every week based on the subject matter. It is mainly based on science and technology current affairs and moral stories as well as entertainment. It helps the student to acquire knowledge and perception.

Recreation and Extracurricular Activities
The facilities for entertainment and extracurricular activities are available in abundance at AVSHSBS. Here students can develop their potentiality and personality in diverse ways. Apart from the activities like culture programs, quiz contests, debates, seminars, elocution etc, students can enjoy outdoor entertainments like outing, educational excursion, picnic, sightseeing etc. Here they can enjoy full opportunity of these activities together with their regular pursuit of academic learning.

AVSHSBS conducts frequent sports (indoor and outdoor) within and outside its premises. It has spacious ground and facilities within its own sports complex. Games like: cricket, football, basket ball, table tennis, volleyball are usually played in playground as per the demand of students. We celebrate sports week once a year. 

Because of, polluted environment, adulterated and chemical mixed food, regular contact with electronic devices, children are unhealthy and full of tension. In such situation, teaching learning activities remain very difficult. Children do not get ready to learn new things. So, Anupam finds the way to teach the students through meditation and Yoga. It provides them inner peace and physical fitness. They are found humble and diligent after practicing Yoga. Anupam expects cooperation from the parents and guardians, too. It runs Yoga practice class in Anupam Premises  5 – 7 am daily. We would like to welcome you  in this session.