Message from Founder Principal

Dear students, guardians, and parents

I am pleased to be the Principal of Anupam Vidya Sadan Higher Secondary Boarding School. I take it an opportunity to serve the future star of the country through education. Education is one of the basic needs of human; without it human would not be perfect but we must select appropriate educational institution to our kids. There are many educational institutions around our residence; though all   would not be excellent. Some institutions are doing business in the name of school. Therefore, it’s a challenge for parents and guardians to find best school to their kids.

Anupam has been serving at Neelsaraswatisthan, Lazimpat Kathmandu for 25 years. We have been giving outstanding S.L.C. result from 2002 till 2014 batches; all the students deserved Distinction with 1st division. We have launched morality revival program which helps to improve good habit to the students’  I believe, if we are able to correct the  bad habits of the children on time they would be good son and daughter and the good citizen of the country. 

At last, I am trying to create best environment to study for your children. Please visit us to get correct information about Anupam. It can be your choice for your beloved children.

Thank You!
–Nabaraj Khadka